Tenant's Handbook

Tenant’s Handbook

Guidance for tenant's property search, rental application and everything else from reporting problems to check-out.

Searching for a property

Research the area. Is there good transport links to your work or university? Are there bars, restaurants and cafes locally? Is there parking? How much is the council tax? Does the property fit your life?

Applying for a property

What do you need to apply for a property?

Always remember you should not be charged anything except rent and deposit. No other charges are allowed by law in Scotland.

You will usually need to make around 3 times the rent or provide a guarantor who earns 5/6 times the rent. And you will need to provide proof of your income.

From both your workplace and previous landlord.

Credit check
This will be carried out on both you and any guarantors your provide.

Are there any other things you would like to add or remove in the property? This is the time to ask about pets, bikes, decorations, pictures and so on.

Moving in

Lease signing
Make sure you know both your and the landlords responsibilities.

Check this over carefully and submit any amendments promptly and keep copies.

My property file
Keep a file on your computer with any emails and photos sent to letting agents or landlord in case of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

The tenancy

Reporting issues
Always report maintenance issues promptly, remember the landlord is responsible for the repair but not the damage caused by you leaving the problem to get worse.

Inspections, maintenance and access
You don’t have to allow access at anytime but failure to do so will almost certainly affect your reference and potentially your deposit if further damage is caused from a maintenance issue that is allowed to deteriorate.

Leaving the property

Giving notice
Under the PRT (Private Residential Tenancy) rules you can give 28 days notice at any time. All tenants must give notice themselves with same date.

Utilities, TV, internet and council tax
This is usually done by the letting agent but always remember to take final meter readings for yourself and keep them safe (photos are best).

The number one thing that tenants will lose part of their deposit for so make sure you leave it as you found it. Here is a useful checklist for cleaning your property before you go.

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Find A Property

Properties for rent in Edinburgh and the Lothian areas.

Other useful tenant information

This document contains important information about emergency contact numbers, details of what constitutes an emergency, the procedure for making contact regarding maintenance issues and instructions on avoiding some cleaning costs.

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